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At the bottom of the User Profile page are the roles you currently have assigned to your profile. There are a number of roles to choose from. Once changed, the user will need to log in again to the INTERJECT Excel Add-in for the changes to take effect.

You can add roles by selecting the role name. Remove roles by clicking the small garbage icon for each role.

The table below summarizes each role and their purpose:

Role Description
Standard A Standard user is granted base permissions to open and execute reports
ClientAdmin A ClientAdmin has full control of all settings for your company. This is the only role that can edit Connections.
Editor An Editor may Create/Edit/Delete most report library items, and edit DataPortals
Approver Approver may approve Report Library versions (Test, Live, etc)
Protector Protector may protect and unprotect Worksheets using protection manager
Corporate For Corporate abilities and access to any restricted Corporate folders
SchedulerAdmin Allows full rights around the scheduled items in Custom Commands
CustomItems Allows execution of custom items in Custom Commands