Interject Documentation

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In a Nutshell

INTERJECT is a new method for connecting users to their data. It is a lightweight, enterprise-scalable platform bringing data to spreadsheets which can be used like customizable web applications. INTERJECT goes beyond reporting and business intelligence by empowering users to automate unique business processes and reach deeper into their data. Check out Real World Use Cases to see how accounting, finance, and IT departments benefit.

IT departments like INTERJECT because it allows them to publish only data, helping spreadsheet users create the user-specific reports they need. The familiar spreadsheet interface drastically reduces support and report requests. And since Interject is client/server-based, users save fewer spreadsheets to local network drives.

INTERJECT provides a central report library capable of managing version control and documentation, making report distribution easy for large organizations.


  • A fast, familiar, user controlled reporting solution
  • A central location for easy access to corporate report templates
  • A rapid platform for internal point solution development
  • An ideal platform to integrate multiple systems using internal resources
  • A secure solution for financial consolidations scalable to thousands of users
  • A collaborative, interactive budgeting and projection tool
  • A comprehensive financial close management solution

A variety of Excel based data reporting products exist, but none change the landscape of opportunity like INTERJECT.