Report Library Basics

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The Report Library is a way for your team to share reports from a central location going beyond just a Sharepoint or a Shared Network Folder.The reports are uploaded to the library and can be accessed from any computer using Excel via Interject. The reports can also be versioned, so reverting to a previous report is simple.

Getting to The Report Library

Once Interject is installed, an Interject Ribbon will be added to Excel.

Step 1: To begin, open the Report Library by opening the Interject ribbon menu.

Step 2: The Report Library is located on the far left of the ribbon. Click the icon or use the keystroke Ctrl+Shift+L on our keyboard.

Step 3: If not logged in already, an Interject login window will pop up before seeing the Report Library. (See “Logging In” for more information about logins).

Step 4: The Report Library consists of folders and sub-folders, just like a typical folder hierarchy.

Using The Report Library

Navigating the Report Library is crucial for efficient use. Each section of the Report Library is detailed below. Before opening a report from the library, look through the Folders and Report Links, and check the Link Version of the desired report.

Section 1: Once the Library is opened, select the desired folder in the Folders section.

Section 2: Select a report in the Report Link section. These are the links that, when clicked, will open a particular report.

Section 3: Select which version you want to use. It is recommended you use the most recent (green) version, as it is likely the best and most stable. Link Version shows the details of a specific report and any of its available versions. It is important to check Link Version before selecting Open Link . Each version is specified in the box at the bottom right of the Report Library window, and they are color-coded to show the stage of development (see image above).

Note: Depending on your user rights, all previously uploaded versions are shown:

  • Green : Currently Live
  • Yellow : In Testing
  • Red : In Development
  • Gray : Superseded, this is an older version of a previous live report

Section 4: If you are unsure what the report is for, clicking View Documentation on the upper right-hand corner is particularly useful. It should include the history of version changes and a manual that explains how to use the report. If the link is gray, the documentation is not yet ready.

Section 5: Now click Open Link to open the report.

The selected link will open the following report.

Using the Search Feature

You can search the Report Library for reports by clicking on the <Search> button:

The Search Report Links window shows all the reports in order:

As you begin typing in the search field, the most relevant hits will appear on top:

Clicking on <Goto> will highlight that report in the Report Library:

You may also download a .CSV file, which lists the ID, Report Path, Report Name, and Description of all reports:

Using the keyboard

Step 1: Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the folders. Use the right and left keys to move in and out of sub-folders.

Step 2: To go into the Report Link section hit Tab.

Step 3: To get back to the Folder section hit Shift Tab.

Step 4: Hitting enter on a report link will open the report and close the Report Library.

Using the mouse

Step 1: Click on a folder to see the Report Link(s) in the folder

Step 2: Double-click on a folder to open a sub-folder

Step 3: Double-clicking on a link opens the report and keeps the Report Library open, while single-clicking the Open Link button will open the selected report and close Report Library

For how to add or change files in the Report Library, please check out Lab Create: Updating the Report Library .

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