Using Interject

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This section is for users working with reports and applications created by others. You will run through the basic navigation and control methods most helpful for working efficiently. Please note that every report may be different and may have it's own documentation in the Report Library. See the Report Library Basics page for further details.

Installing Interject

Installing Interject is a simple process. There are two install types for Interject, the first is a single user install, and the other is for installing on a shared computer. If you are not sure which one to use, then you should install the single user version.

Logging In

Logging in is simple and fast! Once logged in we can begin exploring the Report Library detailed in the following pages.

Report Library Basics

The Report Library is a way to share reports with other users on your team. Reports are uploaded to the library and can be accessed from any computer using the Interject app in Excel. The features in Interject go beyond a Sharepoint or Shared Network Folder. Files can also be versioned, so reverting to a working report is simple.

Real-World Walkthroughs

From simple PL charts for accountants to trend reports for CEO's and CFO's, there are a variety of processes we may encounter. In these labs, you will look at three Real-World scenarios that explain how to use Interject. Keep in mind, these are simple examples of tasks that may be more complicated in other situations.

  • Customer Aging : This lab is a basic Customer Aging demo for tracking multiple customer invoices.
  • Inventory Report : This lab is a basic example for tracking product quantities in and out of inventory.
  • Financial Report : This lab is for controllers/accountants working with financial data and spreadsheets.