Lab Create: INTERJECT Run On Open

Estimated reading time: 1 minute


Some reports require default values, settings, or have summary pages that must be pulled before others in order for the report to function properly. Using the Run on Open INTERJECT property will auto-run the first tab that appears. This can save time and helps streamline INTERJECT processes.

We will walk through Run on Open using the Customer Aging Report .

Setting up Run on Open

Step 1: To begin, open the Customer Collections report in the Report Library .

Step 2 Click on File in the Excel Ribbon to bring up the file screen.

Step 3 Under Info, select Advanced Properties in the Properties dropdown. The Properties window will open.

Step 4 Under the Custom tab find the Name textbox and type Interject_RunOnOpen. The Type field should be Text.

Step 5 The Value box below takes two options: True or T:TabName. True will will cause Excel to run on the first tab seen on open. Specify the tab name to default to that tab.

Option 1 If you would like to run on the first tab seen, set value to True and click Add.

Option 2 If you would like to run on a specific tab, set the value to T:TabName and click Add.

In this case, we want to pull CustomerAging on open, so type T:CustomerAging and that tab will be pulled.

Step 6 Save the file, and Update the report library with the new file

Step 7 Close and reopen the file through the Report Library, and Excel will auto-pull the report