Release Notes

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October 2023

Excel Addin v2.5.0.22

Released 10/13/23

  • jDataPortal DataResultNumber now supports Indexing from the end of the results - See docs

  • ✅ Update source of identity providers displayed in the connection manager to all id providers in current client (includes overrides)

  • ✅ Refresh user company list on activate/deactivate client

  • ♻️ Legacy auth token is refreshed every 2 days instead of 19

  • ♻️ Inactive clients no longer show up in the company ddl

  • 🐞 Opening report library now checks for legacy idsSession token refresh

Portal Site

Released 10/18/23

  • ✅ Added MFA config model to staff page in portal

  • ✅ Added Checksum added next to the installer download button on portal site - See docs

  • ♻️ Improved default description box size for data connections

  • ♻️ Removed Unsubscribe button from portal site until functionality for it exists

  • ♻️ New Interject companies are no longer automatically subscribed to the "Interject Tools" published app

  • 🐞 Create user profile no longer populates logged in users information

  • 🐞 Fixed header bleeding through company dropdown

Interject Platform

Released 10/13/23

  • ✅ Added conditional access for user logins to allow control federated user logins to Interject - See docs

Documentation Updates

Date Type Page Changes
10/3 Update Validation Report New sections
10/4 New Checksums for Installers New page
10/6 New Conditional Access New page
10/18 Update Drill: Financial Report Updated content, screenshots
10/18 Replace Develop: Editing Data Save Redesign of page
10/18 Replace Develop: Insert & Delete Data Save Redesign of page
10/24 New Setting Up the jDataPortal New page