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Function Summary

The jWorkbookProperty is a standalone INTERJECT function. It’s purpose is to provide context and information about a workbook in a report. It leverages native Excel workbook properties as well as INTERJECT workbook properties such as the version of the report set in the report library.

Function Arguments

Argument Name Description Default Optional
PropertyName This is a string value that matches a workbook property. It can be a custom property or a native workbook property. NO  

Excel Formula Bar Example


An example of this function is currently in construction in our documentation labs. Check back soon for an example with more context.

Example Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =jWorkbookProperty This is the excel name used to call the function. It is meant to be standalone and not embedded in other functions.
PropertyName Interject_LinkVersion This property name is created when an Interject report is uploaded to the Report Library and it will return the version of the report. Other workbook properties that can be called in this function can be found in the list below.

Workbook Property List

Native Excel Properties

  • Title
  • Comments
  • Category
  • Subject
  • Author
  • Company
  • Keywords

Custom Workbook Properties

This function supports custom workbook properties, so any properties that you set in Advanced Properties for your workbook can be used by this function. This section is also where INTERJECT will define its own properties.