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Function Summary

The jCombine() function is helpful for developers who want to concatenate the values of cells while simultaneously skipping any empty cell. jCombine() can use both a cell range and a list of cell addresses. A list of cell addresses will require a delimiting character between each cell address in the list. The delimiter character can be custom, but it is a comma by default. When using jCombine() in a list of ranges that are not continuous it needs to have a second pair of parentheses around the first set.

Function Arguments

Argument Name Description Default Optional
Selected Range This designates a range of cells from a worksheet that will be concatenated. This can also be used with a delimited list of cells.   NO
Delimeter This defines a character value that will designate a separation between cell values. The default delimiter is a comma. ”,” YES

Excel Formula Bar Example


The simplified version of this example is sourced from Lab Create: Using the Retain Feature. In that example jCombine is used as an embedded function but does not have to be. It is often used as a standard Excel function.

Example Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =jCombine() This is the excel function name used to call the function. It can be used standalone in a report and can be embedded inside of Data or Formatting functions
Selected Range (A2,F2:G2,R2:T2) In this example, jCombine is concatenating the values of the ranges to look like this: “ValueOfA2,ValueOfF2,ValueOfG2,ValueOfR2,ValueOfS2,ValueOfT2”
Delimeter ” “ The reason for leaving the delimiting value as blank means that jCombine will use its default comma delimiter. To change the delimiter all you need to do is set a delimiting character value. For example “;”.

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