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Function Summary

The jCombine function concatenates a range or multiple ranges of cells into a single string using a designated delimiter. Blank cells are skipped.

This function can be used as a standalone function and does not need to be embedded in another function.

For an example of this function, see Lab Create: Using the Retain Feature.

Function Arguments

Type Range/(Range, Range, …)
Constraints Max 7 ranges
If Blank Function Error

Type String
Constraints Max 255 char
If Blank ","

Excel Formula Bar Example


Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =jCombine() The name of this function.
Selected Range (A2,F2:G2,R2:T2) The ranges selected for concatenation are: A2, F2:G2, and R2:T2.
Delimiter   Blank to indicate a comma is to be used as the delimiter.

Usable In These Functions