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Function Summary

Allows the report creator to insert data based on a coordinate match between a row marker and a column marker. For examples and discussion, view the tutorial.

Function Arguments:

Parameter Name Description Default Optional
DataPortal The name of the Interject Data Portal which has been set up to connect to data.   NO
RowDefRange Select a single column range that has the values that compare to the RowDefName field of the data result. Each RowDefName defines a new target range where the records that match the value found in the RowDefName will be inserted. It is not required for a returned dataset to have a column called RowDefName. RowDefRange can look for a different column name if specified in the ColDefRange cell (explained below), which is directly above the RowDefRange column.
There is also a [leftover] section in most reports that all records that don’t match a rowdef category are pull to.
ColDefRange The Column Definition Range defining which columns from the database will be used by this function. Unlike the ReportRange() function, ColDefRange in ReportFixed can only span a single row.   NO
Parameters Select cells which will be used as Parameters for the Data Portal. The cells must use Interject’s Param() function.   YES

Excel Formula Bar Example


To see an example of this function in use, visit the Create Inventory Fixed Lab.

Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportFixed() The name of the report formula
DataPortal “NorthwindFixed” The name of a DataPortal that is configured to connect to a Northwind demo database
RowDefRange B14:B27 Data will be inserted on the specified rows under the ColDefRange (Explained below)
ColDefRange 2:2 The column names specified in this range will determine which data fields are returned
Parameters N/A Used to specify what information to pass to or from the DataPortal.