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Function Summary

The ReportDrill function provides a convenient way to run another targeted function while at the same time, transferring contextual data for filtering to that function. It is widely used as a way to connect and pass information between workbooks and worksheets. Drilling takes a defined input and passes it in as a parameter to another workbook or worksheet, similar to hyperlinks on a web page. Depending on the types of input behind the hyperlink, more detailed and specific information can be viewed. The ReportDrill function can be structured in ways that make drilling data very powerful.

In order to set up a drill that targets a function in another workbook, it is necessary to set up a drill code in the Report Library.

For an example of this function, see Lab Drill: Customer Aging.

Function Arguments

Type Range
If Blank Uses cell reference in ReportCodeToRun

Type String
Constraints Max 255 char
If Blank Uses cell reference in ReportCellToRun

Type Pair()/PairGroup()
Constraints Max 34 Pairs
If Blank Does not transfer anything

Type String
Constraints Max 255 char
If Blank Uses the ReportCellToRun/ReportCodeToRun as the name

Excel Formula Bar Example

=ReportDrill(CustomerOrderHistory!C10,,PairGroup(Pair(B22:B24, CustomerOrderHistory!C23)),"Drill to Customer Orders History")

Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportDrill() The name of this function.
ReportCellToRun CustomerOrderHistory!C10 The Data Pull Functions within sheet "CustomerOrderHistory" will be ran upon a Drill action.
ReportCodeToRun "" Left blank because targeted function is found in ReportCellToRun argument.
TransferPairs PairGroup(Pair(B22:B24, CustomerOrderHistory!C23)) When this drill is ran, will copy the value in B22:B24 (whatever row the active cell is on when the drill is ran) to the CustomerOrderHistory worksheet cell C23.
DrillName "Drill to Customer Orders History" The drill name will appear as "Drill to Customer Orders History" inside the Data Drill window.

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