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Function Summary

The Pair function transfers values from one cell to another. It is typically used in conjunction with the PairGroup function. Values are transferred upon a designated Interject event (e.g. a drill or as defined in the function it is embedded in). It is best practice to use the PairGroup function even when only entering one Pair.

For an example of this function, see Lab Drill: Customer Aging.

Function Arguments

Type String/Range
Constraints Max 255 char
If Blank Will not transfer values

Type Range
If Blank Will Error

Type Boolean
If Blank True

Type Range
If Blank N/A

Excel Formula Bar Example


Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =Pair() The name of this function.
From B22:B24 This function will transfer one cell value in B22:B24 to the Target. The particular cell it will transfer is determined by which cell is selected when the function is triggered. If the active cell is in row 22, then the value in B22 will be transferred.
Target CustomerOrderHistory!C23 The value in From will be transferred to cell C23 of the sheet "CustomerOrderHistory".
RequireValue   Blank to indicate to not transfer blank cells.
ScopeRange   Deprecated

Usable In These Functions