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Function Summary

The PairGroup function will active all Pair() functions defined within. It is best practice to use the PairGroup function even when only entering one Pair.

For an example of this function, see Lab Drill: Customer Aging.

Function Arguments

Type Pair()
Constraints Max 34 Pairs
If Blank No Pair function will be activated

Excel Formula Bar Example


Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =PairGroup() The name of this function.
Pair1 Pair("2002-05",M22) Will transfer the value "2002-05" into cell M22 upon action or event.
Pair2 Pair(M21,"Segment2") Will transfer the value in cell M21 to the cell labeled as "Segment2" upon action or event.
Pair3 Pair(F26:F125,"Segment1") Will transfer a single cell value from F26:F125 into the cell labeled as "Segment1" upon action or event.

Usable In These Functions