Interject Support

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Interject Support in built into Excel via the Interject Addin. You can easily report a problem to Interject or find Interject contact information. You also have the option of turning on certain logs in order to send more key details to Interject.

User Support

Interject User Support provides an easy interface within Excel to send a report or contact Interject.

Verbose Logging

To help diagnose any errors, Interject uses a Verbose Logging feature. The ideal goal of Verbose Logging is to help recreate an error and send logs to Interject's support team, where it can be fixed.

Memory Logging

Memory Logging is a toggled tool in an Excel report. When it is turned on, the memory use of the current workbook is recorded. When coupling this with Report a Problem, the RAM memory log is sent, along with the report, to Interject support.