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Function Summary

Used to save data back to data portal with Ctrl + Shift + U keystroke.

Function Arguments

Parameter Name Description Default Optional
DataPortal The name of the INTERJECT Data Portal set up to save data to the Stored Procedure or Web API.   NO
RowDefRange Specify a range with values for each row to be saved back. If no value is specified, the row will not be sent to the Data Portal. See the exception below for CaptureAllRows.   NO
ColDefRange Input field names above the columns used in the XML to send to the data portal for saving. It is recommended special characters are not used when specifying column names to return.   YES
ResultsRange Specify a row with column headers that will be used to pull data in response to the save action. ResultsRange is similar to ColDefRange in the ReportRange function.   YES
Parameters Select cells used as Parameters for the Data Portal. The cells must use INTERJECT’s Param() function.   YES
AutoSaveFile If True, the file will save on each save data action if the action returns error free. FALSE YES
CaptureAllRows If True, the save action will not require a value in the RowDefRange to include in the XML package that will be assessed for the save. All rows noted by the RowDefRange will be returned. FALSE YES

Excel Formula Bar Example


To see an example of this function in use, visit the Lab Dev: Customer Aging Detail

Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportSave() The name of the report formula
DataPortal “NorthwindInvoiceSave The name of a DataPortal that is configured to connect to a Northwind demo database
RowDefRange B42:B58 The range in which row IDs are stored so the save knows which rows have values to save
Col Def Range 12:12 The column names specified in this range will determine which data fields are saved to the data source
ResultRange 14:14 The column names specified in this range will determine which data fields are returned from the data source.
Parameters N/A Data to filter down the save or to pass more information back to the data source.