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Function Summary

The ReportRun function will run a designated report function(s) within a Workbook when triggered upon a designated event. This is typically used to synchronize the running of functions in other sheets within the Workbook.

For an example of this function, see Working with Pivot Tables.

Function Arguments

Type Range
If Blank Will not run a report

Type Boolean
If Blank True

Type String
Constraints "pull", "save", "pullandsave", "pullclear", "saveclear", "pullandsaveclear"
If Blank "pull"

Excel Formula Bar Example


Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportRun() The name of this function.
ReportCellToRun ReportRunTargetForPivot!C4 The function located in sheet "ReportRunTargetForPivot" at cell C4 will be ran when this function is triggered.
RunEntireWorksheet TRUE All data report functions located in sheet "ReportRunTargetForPivot" will be ran when this function is triggered.
OnAction PullClear This function will be triggered on a Pull-Clear event only.

Trigger Combination List

The execution of this function is determined by an Interject event.

Trigger OnAction Event Function Executes On
1 Pull Pull-Run
2 Save Save-Run
3 PullAndSave Pull-Run, Save-Run
4 PullClear Pull-Clear
5 SaveClear Save-Clear
6 PullAndSaveClear Pull-Clear, Save-Clear