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Function Summary

ReportRun executes a Report Function in another tab without changing the tab focus. It can handle both run and clear events.

Function Arguments

Parameter Name Description Default Optional
ReportCellToRun A range within the target worksheet to run a report function.   NO
RunEntireWorksheet A boolean toggle that will enable or disable an entire worksheet’s report functions from running TRUE YES
OnAction A control for which type of report function to run. Options include:
* Pull
* Save
* PullAndSave
* PullClear
* SaveClear
* PullAndSaveClear
* Back

Excel Formula Bar Example


To see an example of this function in use, visit the Pivot table lab.

Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportRun() The name of the report formula
ReportCellToRun ReportRunTargetForPivot!C4 Specify what range in the worksheet to run the action. In this case, run the report range in the target sheet located in C4.
RunEntireWorksheet TRUE Run all the pulls in the target worksheet not just the one specificed above.
OnAction PullClear This will happen on the “PullClear” Event only