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Function Summary

The ReportHideRowOrColumn function will hide a designated row or column when triggered upon a designated event. If a cell within the defined range = "hide", the function will hide that row or column when triggered. If the defined range is a single row, the function will hide the column. If this range is a single column, the function will hide the row.

Typically this function is used to hide data that is impertinent to the current purpose of the report and/or filters being used. For example, a user can set up a report to hide invoices with zero balances or to show only accounts with a delinquent status, etc. (Note: the rows/columns are not actually hidden in the sense that Excel hides them. They are hidden from view by setting their width/height to 0. A user can simply expand the hidden rows by expanding the width.)

For an example of this function, see Lab Create: Hiding Rows & Columns.

Function Arguments

Type String
Constraints "pull", "save", "both"
If Blank Function Error

Type String
Constraints "clear", "run", "both"
If Blank Function Error

Type Range
Constraints Must be a single row or single column
If Blank Function Error

Type Boolean
If Blank False

Excel Formula Bar Example


Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportGrouping() The name of this function.
OnPullSaveOrBoth "Both" A pull or save action are designated as the run event.
OnClearRunOrBoth "Run" A run event (defined in OnPullSaveOrBoth) will trigger this function being ran.
RowOrColumnGroup C47:C48 A cell value of "hide" in the range C47:48 will hide that row when triggered.
Disabled FALSE This function will run.

Trigger Combination List

The execution of this function is determined by a combination of an Interject action and an Interject event. An action is a pull or save action whereas an event is a clear or run event. The values in the OnPullSaveOrBoth and OnClearRunOrBoth arguments will determine what actions/events trigger the function's execution.

Trigger Combo OnPullSaveOrBoth OnClearRunOrBoth Event Function Executes On
1 Pull Clear Pull-Clear
2 Save Clear Save-Clear
3 Both Clear Pull-Clear, Save-Clear
4 Pull Run Pull-Run
5 Save Run Save-Run
6 Both Run Pull-Run, Save-Run
7 Pull Both Pull-Run, Pull-Clear
8 Save Both Save-Run, Save-Clear
9 Both Both Pull-Run, Pull-Clear, Save-Run, Save-Clear