Interject Website Portal

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The Interject website portal is a central place to manage Interject client settings and user profiles. For an Interject developer, the most used areas of the Interject website portal are managing connections and data portals.

  • A connection can be to a database or an API that you construct to your own data source. Connections can also be used by a number of data portals to retrieve or save data.
  • A data portal is like a prescribed query or view with more capabilities. Data portals can handle get and post operations, meaning that they can pull data and, if set up by the developer, update data. Typically data portals are mapped to a database stored procedure or an API controller that pulls or updates data sets.

For a complete description of the data portal options and features, go to The Interject Website Portal of this documentation. The following sections will walk through how to set up connections and data portals specific to the training examples.