Drilling Between Reports

Estimated reading time: 1 minute


The Interject drill feature allows you to connect individual reports together to make a simple, fast, and intuitive experience for users to get to the data they use everyday. In this walk-through you will view drilling between reports with the same reports used in the previously viewed Real-World Walkthroughs .

Customer Aging Report

In this example, you will be setting up a simple drill to the customer orders history. It’s a great use case for creating the first drill.

Inventory Report

In this example, you will setup a drill between the Inventory by Category and Inventory by Detail pages of the workbook. Then you will set up a hyperlink for the drill so it’s more intuitive for the user.

Financial Report

In this example, you will be setting up a drill to a separate workbook that is in the Report Library. It will allow us to view a general ledger and to support a financial statement balance.

The Three Ways to Drill

There are several ways that users can utilize the drill feature. Here you will walk through the three options available for drills; the Menu Method, the Hyperlink Method, and the Double-Click method.