Drilling Between Reports

Estimated reading time: 1 minute


The Interject drill feature allows you to connect individual reports together to make a simple, fast, and intuitive experience for users to get to the data they use everyday. In this walkthrough you will view drilling between reports with the same reports used in the previously viewed Real-World Walkthroughs.

Customer Aging Report

In this example, you will be setting up a simple drill to the customer orders history. It's a great use case for creating the first drill.

Inventory Report

In this example, you will set up a drill from the Inventory by Category tab to the Inventory by Detail tab of the workbook. You will also set up a hyperlink so the drill can be more intuitive to users.

Financial Report

In this example, you will be setting up a drill to a separate workbook that is in the Report Library. It will allow us to view a general ledger and to support a financial statement balance.

The Three Ways to Drill

There are several ways that users can utilize the drill feature. Here you will walk through the three options available for drills; the Menu Method, the Hyperlink Method, and the Double-Click method.