Working with Interject

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Since Interject introduces new methods and standards for working with spreadsheets, it is helpful to understand some key concepts so you can realize its potential. The internet has proliferated the use of client/server web applications throughout the world, and it is time to apply this same way of thinking to spreadsheets. The following topics are helpful places to begin.

Basics of Report Formulas

Report Formulas are used to direct data in and out of your spreadsheet reports and applications. This section will illustrate what is behind the scenes of interactive Interject worksheets so you can better understand how they adapt to your needs.

Tabular vs Data Cells

There are two distinct approaches to reporting data with Interject. Most of the functionality that is presented in this knowledge base is directed at Tabular reports. Tabular reports are a common row/column approach to working with data, much like those seen in other reporting software like Microsoft Report Services and Crystal Reports. Data Cells, however, are single data points that you can place freely in reports to construct more complex presentations. Each Data Cell is a financial query to the Interject financial database, which you can easily control and is capable of accommodating companies with thousands of users.