View SQL Test for ActiveCell

Estimated reading time: 1 minute


The View SQL Test for ActiveCell tool can be used to track down issues with the SQL stored procedures being called by an Interject report function. Only ReportRange(), ReportVariable(), ReportFixed(), and ReportSave() report functions are supported by View SQL Test for ActiveCell.

Step 1: Select a cell containing a supported Interject report function:

Step 2: On the Administration tab in the Interject Ribbon, click View SQL Test for ActiveCell under the System drop-down menu. A popup window will appear with a test SQL query:

This SQL query can be run using any T-SQL environment (i.e. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio ). Running the query in non-T-SQL environments may require modification of the query. The result will be a table or list of tables in SQL Server or an error message which can be used to see exactly what data is being pulled/saved to/from a report.