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Function Summary

The jDropdown formula helps developers simplify the use of parameters in a data pull or save. It can reduce the rows of data in a report, speeding the report process, sparing server resources, and pulling data more efficiently.

Function Arguments

Argument Name Description Default Optional
DataPortal This is the name of the Interject Data Portal which has been set up to connect to the data   NO
Parameters Select cells to be used as parameters for the Data Portal. Use Interject’s Param() function to specificy the cells used   NO
MultiSelect Specify if the dropdown allows for multiple options to be selected FALSE NO
Target Cell Specify the Cell location of where the selected options will be set   NO
Value Column Name Specify which column to use as the value. The value will be copied to the Target Cell   NO
Display Column Name Specify which column to use as the display text for the options in the dropdown window. Value Column Name YES
Delimiter Specify the delimiter to use when MultiSelect is TRUE ”, “ YES
Instruction Text Specify the help text to display to a user in the dropdown window   YES

Excel Formula Bar Example

=jDropdown(jDataPortal("NorthwindCustomersDropdown",1),,FALSE,C17,"CompanyName","DisplayText",,"Select a Customer")

The simplified version of this example is sourced from Lab Create: Parameter Dropdowns.

Example Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =jDropdown() This is the excel function name used to call the function.
DataPortal jDataPortal(“NorthwindCustomersDropdown”,1) Using the jDataPortal() function, select the first result in dataportal “NorthwindCustomersDropdown”
Parameters ”” No Parameters are used.
MultiSelect FALSE Only one option is selectable at a time.
Target Cell C17 The cell that will recieve the resulting value.
Value Column Name “CompanyName” The value of this column will be returned to the Target Cell.
Display Column Name “DisplayText” When selecting a customer, options will be displayed as this column value.
Delimiter ”” The default delimiter of a “, “ is used .
Instruction Text “Select a Customer” Some guidance as to what the user needs to do.