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Function Summary

A helper function that specifies filters for up to six segments of a Chart of Accounts.

Function Arguments

Parameter Name Description Default Optional
Segment1 The first segment of a chart of accounts   YES*
Segment6 The last segment of a chart of accounts   YES*

* Note that segments are optional and defined by each organization's needs.

Excel Formula Bar Example

=jCellN(jAcct("Revenue - Sales",7002),11,2001,Actual)

The jAcct function is wrapped in the jCellN function to filter which account it will pull.

An example of this function is currently in construction in our documentation labs. Check back soon for an example with more context. However, for a demo report using this feature, visit the Epicor Demo in the report Library and open the file PL Trend - w/ DataCells.

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name jAcct() The name of the formula
Segment 1 "Revenue - Sales" The first filter segment. Take only the revenue sales account
Segment 2 7002 Filters to a specific location for a more specific account.