SegmentInfo - Segment Search

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Segments is a Data Portal which allows you to filter for every segment within your chart of accounts and allows you to use your groupings within your filter choices. For example, if you are looking for accounts in Revenue , simply search for Revenue. If there is a segment that represents your business unit (such as Location or District) and security is enabled, it can be used to create dynamic reports that list the business units you or your team have rights to. To search segment groups, there is a related Data Portal GroupInfo that provides all the groups an individual segment code may be a part of.

Segments Parameters

Parameter Name Description Default Optional
SegmentNum The segment number to be searched. This can be from 1 to 8. 1 is typically account, but it depends on your implementation.   FALSE
SegmentCode Use a filter to search for the segment. Groups may be used as well as advanced filters such as Revenue,!38000,52. Leave blank to search all segments within your security rights.   TRUE
SegmentName Filter on the name of the segment. This filter assumes a contains search. As a result, searching on cash will return Restricted Cash, Petty Cash, and so on.    

Available Columns

Column Name Description
SegmentCode The segment code such as 52120 for Account or 2000 with a business unit.
SegmentName The name for the segment, such as Wages and Salaries.
IsCredit If the segment relates to Accounts, this field notes whether the account is a credit account, which is stored as a credit by default.
Inactive Specifies if the segment is considered inactive