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Function Summary

The ReportLookup function pulls a single piece of data from a data source and inserts it into a single cell within a spreadsheet.

Function Arguments

Type String/jDataPortal()
Constraints Max 255 char
If Blank Function Error

Type Cell Range
Constraints Single cell
If Blank No data inserted

Type Cell Range
Constraints Single cell
If Blank Returns the first column from the data source

Type Param()
Constraints The values must match the order of the parameters in the data source (The order can be verified using the [Validation Report](/wTroubleshoot/Reports.html#validation-report-for-pullsave-events) )
If Blank Data is not filtered

Excel Formula Bar Example

=ReportLookup(jDataPortal("NorthwindCustomers",1,"[CustomerID] Like '%SAVE%'"),C14,H1)

Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportLookup() The name of this function.
DataPortal "jDataPortal("NorthwindCustomers",1,"[CustomerID] Like ‘%SAVE%’)" Uses the helper function jDataPortal() designating the "NorthwindCustomers" DataPortal. Filters the records to include only those whose CustomerID contains the string "save".
TargetDataRange C14 Data will be inserted to cell C14.
ColDefRange H1 The column name in H1 will be the data field that is returned from the data source.
Parameters N/A The data returned from the data source will not be filtered.

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