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Function Summary

Allows the report creator to insert a specific data value into a cell based on certain criteria. Most Interject report functions import a list of data, but this function allows users to choose a specific data column and row and place that data point in a cell.

Used in conjunction with the jDataPortal() helper function, ReportLookup() can access DataPortal data still in the memory from report functions that have already returned data, so there are no additional connections to the data source.

Function Arguments

Argument Name Description Default Optional
DataPortal The name of the Interject Data Portal set up to connect to data.   NO
TargetDataRange Select a single cell to place the data value. If the Data Portal returns a list of data, this function will return the value from the first row. The helper function jDataPortal() can be used to further define which row to use from the Data Portal by using its Filter and OrderBy arguments.   NO
ColDefRange The Column Definition Range determines which column from the stored procedure record will be returned.   NO
Parameters Select a single cell or range of cells which will be used as parameters for the Data Portal. The cells must be wrapped inside of Interject’s Param helper function.   YES

Excel Formula Bar Example

ReportLookup(jDataPortal("NorthwindCustomers",1,"[CustomerID] Like '%SAVE%'"),C14,H1)

Example Function Composition

Argument Name Example Mapping Explanation
Function Name =ReportLookup() This is the excel function name used to call the function. It can have embedded functions.
DataPortal “jDataPortal(“NorthwindCustomers”,1,”[CustomerID] Like ‘%SAVE%’)” Uses the jDataPortal() to further filter down on the “NorthwindCustomers” DataPortal
TargetDataRange C14 Will return values to the cell C14
ColDefRange H1 Points to a value which specifies what column to return.
Parameters N/A No parameters used.

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