Internal Support Setup

Estimated reading time: 1 minute


Interject provides a way to add your own internal support contact information to the Interject User Support form:


Step 1: Ensure Excel is not running.

Step 2: Navigate to the program directory for Interject. This can be easily done using the diagnostics command "Open Application Folder":

Step 3: In the Interject program directory, open the app.config file with a text editor:

Step 4: In the <appSettings> node, add the following entries:

	<add key="InternalSupport_Email" value="" />
	<add key="InternalSupport_Phone" value="123-456-7890" />
	<add key="InternalSupport_Website" value="" />

Step 5: Open up Excel and click the User Support button:

See your new internal support tab: