Custom Functions With The Python Interject API

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setup requires the following conditions be met:

  • The Python Interject API is downloaded and all dependancies satisfied
  • contains a name of a valid python script in the current directory for CUSTOM_MODULE
    • I.E. CUSTOM_MODULE = 'etl'
  • the custom python function script contains a function that expects kwargs and returns a dataframe
  • Interject Connection
    • name = user defined
    • connection type = "web api"
    • api root uri = url to your interject python server
    • api connection string name = Not Needed
    • authentication type = 10
  • Interject Dataportal
    • connection = name of connection
    • command type = stored procedure name
    • Stored Procedure / Command = function name to run in CUSTOM_MODULE
    • Api Relative URI = PandasDataframeRequest or MongoDBRequest
      ### ###
      import pandas as pd
      def interject_custom_func(**kwargs):
          """ Custom defined function which operates on pulled data from excel
              or a dataportal source before sending the data to its final destination
                  kwargs {dict} -- dictionary with options and input dataframe
              NOTE: - kwargs contains (dataframe, param_list)
                  - expects return value to be a pandas DataFrame() 
          d = {"column1":[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8], "column2" : [5,4,3,2,1,5,43,7]}
          kwargs['dataframe'] = pd.DataFrame(d)
          kwargs['user_message'] = "user message to return"
          kwargs['param_list']['param1']['output_value'] = "output value"
          return kwargs
  • server must be running for interject to pull data from. call using


    NOTE: the following files are required to exist in the local directory of the server

    • (arbitrary module name)

Output Options

Custom functions have the ability to utilize input and output parameters as well as return user messages to Interject.

Interject request information is passed to a custom function through the kwargs function argument.

Parameters Type Description
kwargs['dataframe'] pandas.DataFrame() Pandas dataframe
kwargs['user_message'] string Interject User message (notices should contain "usernotice:", and errors should contain "usererror:")
kwargs['param_list'][ParamName]['name'] string The name of the formula parameter in the dataportal
kwargs['param_list'][ParamName]['expects_output'] bool Defines if the output_value should replace the value in the report
kwargs['param_list'][ParamName]['in_formula'] bool determines whether the parameter is in the report formula or not (system params will be false)
kwargs['param_list'][ParamName]['input_value'] any Input parameter value from the user
kwargs['param_list'][ParamName]['output_value'] any Output parameter defined by the dataportal
kwargs['param_list'][ParamName]['user_validation_msg'] string Not Currently Available