Why CFOs Like Interject

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The CFO can have many objectives, but often they include the following:

  • Ensure accurate financials
  • Ensure financials are promptly reported
  • Produce the best results at the lowest cost
  • Provide a work atmosphere that supports efficiency and growth
  • Instill visibility and accountability to drive financial performance
  • Enable staff to access data independent of outside departments
  • Limit reliance on outside vendors by integrating and managing internal software

Interject can help CFOs achieve each of these objectives. What's more, the management of future enhancements can be handled internally, between accounting staffs and internal IT departments. Interject is always available to help, but we aim to equip clients with tools and knowledge to handle things internally.

There is one more very important aspect that all CFOs are looking for, particularly when dealing with software companies. CFOs want to work with IT professionals that have experience as controllers, CPAs, and CFOs. A software vendor with financial accounting experience can help remove the frustrations typical in software projects run by vendors who do not. Interject's CEO is a CPA with 15 years of controller experience, and many of Interject's technical staff have business or accounting backgrounds.