Interject Features Testing

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Interject is committed to the quality of its product. With each new version of Excel, product features are put through extensive testing to ensure their functionality. To help facilitate these tests, two Excel testing books have been created to run specific tests that cover the major features of the Interject Add-In. These tests cover a range of variations of parameters on certain Interject functions as well as how they interact with other functions and in the Excel environment. Tests results are logged and any test that fails is submitted for review and correction.

Automated Testing (Coming Soon)

The Excel file Automated_Testing_Book is designed to run a number of tests automatically. The tests ensure the major features of the Interject Add-In work correctly. After the tests run, the results will be outputted to a seperate sheet.

Manual Testing (Coming Soon)

Some features of the Interject Add-In cannot be tested using an automated procedure. Therefore, these features need to be tested manually. The Excel file Manual_Testing_Book is designed to facilitate these tests.