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Function Summary

Allows the user to merge multiple Excel reports into one based on jMergePoints . For examples and discussion, view the tutorial.

Function Arguments

Parameter Name Description Default Optional
FileName The name of the workbook to connect. Either a full path name to the file, or a Report Library Sheet Link Code   NO
MergeID A unique ID to identify the jMerge (required to clear tabs)   YES
RemoveTabsOnClear Indicates whether or not to delete merged tabs upon clearing data FALSE (TRUE requires a MergeID Value) YES
PullOnOpen Run a pull on the worksheet after opening FALSE YES
MergePoints Provide a range reference to a list of jMergePoint functions. If none is provided, then all jMergePoint functions within the book will be considered   YES
Disabled Function will not execute on pull if set to true FALSE YES

Excel Formula Bar Example

Function Composition