Simple Data Save

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An important part of the Interject platform is the ability to collect data from spreadsheet reports in order to add or modify that data centrally. It can turn normal reports into interactive applications that users can easily adopt to speed up workflow. This section will walk through creating a simple data save. It is recommended you complete the previous sections before continuing.

Understanding the Business Use Case

To understand the use of these reports and how the user should edit or add notes, as well as specific invoices and payment dates, review Real World Walkthroughs - Customer Aging, which covers the sheet Customer Credits

Customer Aging Save

This example details a full review of how the Interject save feature works. Using the Customer Credits example, it will show how to design three user input fields into an existing report. The Interject platform will assist in creating a stored procedure that can be used in SQL Server to help facilitate the process.

Northwind Pull and Save

The example focuses on how to create an Excel tool to be able to pull the data out of a Northwind Categories table into an Excel tab as well as to be able to add, edit, or delete categories to this table.