Transactions Package Install

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

The following setup instructions will walk you through installation of the slim package of the Financials - Epicor Enterprise package which contains only transactions tools by Interject. For installation of the full package, please go here.

Steps Required for Transactions Package


Step 1: Connect to your Epicor server as SysAdmin in SQL MGT Studio

Step 2: Create Interject Reporting Database

  • Right Click New Database in the Object Explorer New database
  • Enter the desired DB name into the Database Name field. The default is “Interject_Reporting”, but you can name it as needed New database
  • Press OK

Step 3: Point the script window to the new database Mgt Studio Point

Step 4: Execute initial deploy script on the new Database 1.1.1_Initial.Interject_Reporting.sql

Step 5: Create security objects and grant read-only access to Epicor tables by passing the following parameters using the following script as an example:

EXEC [Custom].[Interject_SetupScript1_Security]
       @MasterEpicorDatabase      = '[<INSERT Master DB Name>]'
      ,@CertificatePassword       = 'myPassword1234'

Step 6: Execute the following script DB to initialize data from Epicor for the Transactions “Slim” Package

-- Import configuration setup from Epicor and initial setup of Interject
EXEC [Custom].[ERP_InstallScript1_DatabaseConfig_Slim]
       @MasterEpicorDatabase          = '[<INSERT Master DB NAME>]'
      ,@DefaultDatabaseNameSource     = '[<INSERT Default DB name>]'