Transaction Reports

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Interject Financials - Epicor Enterprise offers near-real time trial balance activity reports by Full Account, Natural Account, and GL Detail. In the following overview, you will learn to fill out the report parameters, pull and save data, and drill through detail in each report (where available). For a quick reference of hotkeys, refer to the Train Home Page.

Fill Out Report Parameters and Pull Data

The report parameters signal what data you want to pull into the report. The blue underlined parameters contain drop-downs accessible by a single click.

To Do

Step 1: With any of the Trial Balance Reports open, click the “Fiscal Period” link below the “Report Parameters” area and choose a period to report on.

Step 2: Next, click a report parameter link in the same “Report Parameter” area and choose one or more values from the drop-down window.

Step 3: Once you have chosen the necessary parameters, choose the “Company Name” and “Summary Type” in the same way as the above parameters. You may choose to type in the account description, but it is optional.

Step 4: With your “Fiscal Period”, parameters, “Company Name”, and “Summary Type” chosen, click the Pull Data button to the right of the report parameter area.

Transaction Report 1

Drill Through Detail

All of the Trial Balance Activity Reports have drills activated to either TB Full Account, TB GL Detail, or the JE Lookup Report. The drillable fields in each report have a lighter blue header format, which is also indicated in the report key of each report.

To Do

Step 1: Select a cell within a drillable field of any Transactional Report

Step 2: Use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+K or press the “Drill on Data” button on the left side of the Interject ribbon

Step 3: Select the drill you want to activate from the Drill on Data pop-up window. (Some reports or data fields will only have one drill option)

Step 4: Click “Do Drill”

Transaction Report 1 Transaction Report 1