Reporting Capabilities

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Reporting Capabilities

Build Financial Statements

Interject Financials - Epicor Enterprise provides a simple template configuration tool to build out flexible, robust FRx-like report templates. Report templates can be governed by admin configured definitions and published to the central report library, allowing reliable, trustworthy reporting. Ad hoc or ungoverned reports and templates can also be built when more reporting flexibility is required.

Included Types

Profit and Loss

PL reports can be executed by natural account, and you can select either PTD or YTD balances in a single report.

Balance Sheet

Trial Balance sheets can be executed by natural account, full account, or GL detail. Balance sheets have available drill-throughs to GL detail, TB summary, TB detail, and JE Lookup depending on the report used.


The configuration tool lets you build and publish reports governed by account definitions, with custom parameters, row, and column definitions. All custom configured governed reports are validated in a test process, versioned, and controlled by their governing definition so that users can trust each governed report is verified accurate and up-to-date.

Transaction Reports

Interject Financials - Epicor transaction reports are governed by admin-configured definitions, tested, validated, and versioned. All transaction reports published in the central report library have been validated for accuracy and are versioned, so you know they’re correct and up-to-date.

Included Types

Trial Balance

Interject comes with three TB reports: by Natural Acct, Full Acct, and GL Detail. Each includes drill-through options to its respective report, and GL Detail has a drill-through to Journal Entry Lookup.

JE Detail

JE Details gives a detailed view of each journal entry when drilled into.

JE Lookup

JE Lookup lets you review a single journal entry activity by Epicor journal number. This is convenient for fast, detailed analysis of individual transactions.