Portal Overview

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Interject’s website portal is a central place to manage Interject client settings and user profiles. Use is to manage users, data portals, and data connections. Data portals and connections support the Interject reporting and save-back functions.

The database connection can support MS SQL Server OLEDB as well as ODBC. ODBC allows connection to any other relational database. Currently, Interject only supports direct connections with databases that support stored procedures. This includes Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB and many others. Logging into Interject Data Connections


Step 1: Go to https://portal.gointerject.com/login.html

Step 2: Input credentials and click “LOGIN”

Step 3: A new page should load that looks like the following: Interject Portal Site

User Profiles

Once logged in, access your list of staff by clicking on Staff from the left menu. Portal site User List

Click on User Profile to view your own profile. User profile button