Setup Client Reporting Library

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

A subscription to Interject Financial - Epicor Enterprise will provide a “Subscriptions” folder in the Report Library within the “Interject Financials Epicor” folder. The folder contains the latest versions of your transactional reports. A company or implementer may also choose to customize the parameters of these reports to better reflect company naming conventions. Following are the localization steps required to localize all transactional reports.


Step 1: Open the Interject Report Library and find the report to be localized. Right-click the Report Link and “View Details” of the report. Open Library

Step 2: Write down the current “Data Drills for Link”. You will need these links in a later step. Record Drill Links

Step 3: Exit the View Detail window and open the Report Link from the Interject Report Library. Exit Detail Window

Step 4: With the report open, go back to the Report Library, open the “Configuration Manager” in the Admin folder, and click on the “Review Segements” link to open that report. Open Library

Step 5: Open a transaction report in Subscriptions. Exit Detail Window

Step 6: Change the “Segment” names in the report to match the Segment names in the Configuration screen. Exit Detail Window

Step 7: After changing the Segment names in the report, save the file to your local drive.

Step 8: With the Excel file still open, go to the Report Library. Select the company folder, right click, and select “Add Subfolder”. Name the subfolder with the report name and press Enter to Save New Folder. Open Library

Step 9: Now select the new folder and right click in the “Report Links” area white space. Click on “Save Current Workbook”, then select the “Create New Link (Save Required)” option. Open Library

Step 10: Create a report link by filling in the required fields: “Link Path”, “Link Name”, and “Status”.

  • Link Path is the file path of the locally saved report
  • Link Name is the name that will show in the Report Library
  • Status determines whether the report will be live or not

Step 11: Now fill in the “Drill Code” and “Target Tab Name” using the information your wrote down in step #2. Click “Save”. Open Library

Step 12: Open the Report Library and check for the report under your company name folder.