JE Upload Install

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The following setup instructions will walk you through installation of the JE Upload tool by Interject. If you need to install the full Interject for Financials package, please go here.

Steps Required for JE Upload Install


Step 1: Connect to your Epicor server as SysAdmin in SQL MGT Studio

Step 2: Create Interject Reporting Database

  • Right Click New Database in the Object Explorer New database
  • Enter the desired DB name into the Database Name field. The default is “Interject_Reporting”, but you can name it as needed New database
  • Press OK

Step 3: Point the script window to the new database Mgt Studio Point

Step 4: Execute the 1.1.0_Initial.Interject_JournalEntryUpload script

Step 5: Create security objects and grant read-only access to Epicor tables by passing the following parameters using the following script as an example:

EXEC [Setup].[Interject_SetupScript1_Security]
       @MasterEpicorDatabase      = '<Epicor Controlling Database Name>'
      ,@CertificatePassword       =  'myPassword1234'

Step 6: Execute the following Script DB to initialize data from Epicor for Journal Entry Upload

  • 6a
--Import configuration setup from Epicor and initial setup of Interject
EXEC [Setup].[ERP_InstallScript1_DatabaseConfig]
       @MasterEpicorDatabase          = '[<INSERT Master DB NAME>]'
      ,@DefaultDatabaseNameSource     = '[<INSERT Default DB name>]'
  • 6b
--Import data
EXEC [Setup].[ERP_InstallScript2_EpicorImport]