Initial Data Load

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Begin Data Load

To Do

Step 1: Execute the following Script DB to initialize Epicor Enterprise Data

  • 1a
    --Import configuration setup from Epicor and initial setup of Interject
    EXEC [Custom].[ERP_InstallScript1_DatabaseConfig]
        @MasterEpicorDatabase          = '[<INSERT Master DB NAME>]'
       ,@DefaultDatabaseNameSource     = '[<INSERT Default DB name>]'

    SAMPLE Epicor Tools Connection Page

Note: You may choose to limit the import to a specific database or databases. Please see the Deactivate Databases page to do so.

  • 1b
    --Import data 
    EXEC [Custom].[ERP_InstallScript2_EpicorImport]
  • 1c
    --Enable Rollups
    EXEC [Custom].[ERP_InstallScript3_GroupingImport]
  • 1d
    --Specify historical periods in which to seed Interject Data Store
    EXEC [Custom].[ERP_InstallScript4_ReportingImport]
        @ReportingImport_YearBegin     = 'YYYY'
       ,@ReportingImport_YearEnd       = 'YYYY'
     ,@ImportBudget = 'INSERT value Yes or No'


    EXEC [Custom].[ERP_InstallScript4_ReportingImport]
    @ReportingImport_YearBegin	= '2000'
    ,@ReportingImport_YearEnd	    = '2016'
    ,@ImportBudget				= 'Yes'

Step 2: Execute the following Script for SQL Agent Jobs

  • 2a
    --Setup SQL Agent Jobs to seed "nightly" sync of Interject data store
    EXEC [Custom].[ERP_InstallScript5_SetupJobs]

The following 4 jobs will be created:

  • [Interject_Reporting_CheckSchedule_ImportActual] - Syncs Actual data between Epicor tables to Interject table
  • [Interject_Reporting_CheckSchedule_ImportBudget] - Syncs Budget data between Epicor tables to Interject table
  • [Interject_Reporting_AddJobsFromScheduler] - Process data and distribute it to interject tables
  • [Interject_Reporting_ImporEpicor_DeletesRecords] - Validates data and remove records nightly if data was removed from Epicor tables

Steps Required for Interject Application Setup - Data Connection

To Do

Step 1: Now log into and select Data Connections on left side menu and change company to “Epicor Test III” New connection Button

Step 2: Change Client (Company) Dropdown in upper right hand corner of portal site New connection Button

Step 3: Click “My Data > Data Connections in the left-hand menu New connection Button

Step 4: Select “New Connection” button on the top right of Page New connection Button

Step 5: Select “Database” in the Connection Type field.

Step 6: Fill in the Connection Details page, which contains the following inputs for new connections: Connection Details Page

  • Name: A unique friendly name used when connecting a Data Portal to the Data Connection
  • Description (optional): description of what the connection string is connecting to
  • Connection String: used by Interject to connect to the specified server & database “Server=Scotty-Test;Database=Northwind Integrated Security = SSPI;”

Redirect the DB Connection to the new DB in Interject portal

To Do

Step 1: Go to My Apps on the left menu of the Interject Portal page and select the “Interject Financials - Epicor offering. Versions may change Epicor Tools Connection Page

Step 2: At the bottom of the page in the “Connection Redirect” section choose to replace any existing Data Connection Connection with “new connection”

Step 3: Click save Epicor Tools Connection Page