Core Features

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Report Validation

Admins/implementers can lock down report templates with validation definitions specifying target data ranges, field and record parameters, etc. Validated reports are Admin supported, version controlled, verified complete and error protected, and secured against end user and data source changes. Validation definitions and assigned versions are like watermarks for each critical report.

With Interject Financials for Epicor, reports are continually validated as they’re built, creating an automated “dev/test” process for each validated report, and locking it down when done, so your end process is repeatable.

Interject’s report library holds all validated reports within the Financials for Epicor application, providing a central place to manage versions and serve reports.


With Interject’s configuration tool, you get control over governed and ungoverned report templates, so admins/implementers can build out or modify exactly the reports they need. Additional agility comes from Interject’s tying in your multiple data sources.

Configurable roll-ups let you pull multiple source properties into one, for aggregated analysis in one report. Admins build out the definitions exactly to spec using the configuration tool.