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Shortly after signing a Client contract, please submit specific client information to your assigned account manager at Interject. You will receive communication on each individual project based who your account manager is.

Please provide the following information:

Field Description
Company Name Client Company Legal Name
First Name Name of Desired Interject admin/ Contact
Last Name Name of Desired Interject admin/ Contact
Email Address Email address of Admin contact
Phone Number Phone # of Admin Contact
Address Client Address
City Client City
State Client State
Zip Client Zip
Country Client Address
Industry Client Industry
# of Employees -50, 50-500, 500+
Yearly Revenue Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large cap
Company Description Simple Description of Company
Planned Use of Interject Interject for Financials

To Do

Step 1: Verify Client’s SQL Server is a Compatible Version SQL Server 2008 or greater is required. It is recommended that a Client provide at least a test and production environment in which they will to deploy Interject Financials - Epicor Enterprise.
(run “SELECT @@VERSION” in a query window to check version)

Step 2: Prepare for using Windows Authentication by creating the active directory user group “Interject Users” on Default SQL Server Domain. The Interject Usergroup should include any and all users of Interject Financials for Epicor. Separate groups may need to be set up if client has other uses of interject and requires separate optional but recommended security and authorization.

2a: You can find the value of the SELECT DEFAULT_DOMAIN() in SQL Management Studio

Active User

2b: On your AD Server Match, find the name from step 2a by right clicking the values in the domain controller > Properties. Note, this is only required if more than 1 Domain exists. Active User Active User

2c: Set up the relating active directory user group “Interject Users” on Default SQL Server Domain

Active User Active User

NOTE: If you do not have SQL Management Studio, download it here Please let an Interject account manager know if your client cannot enable Windows Authentication with the recommended settings as illustrated above.

Within a week, you will receive verification from Interject that your company setup and subscription is complete.