Budget Reports

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If budgeting has been imported during the initial data load, you can easily add budget columns to your generated report templates using the following steps:

To Do

Step 1: Change the Source Cell to “Budget” by typing it into the cell.

Step 2: Add a new description “Budget Code” and a placeholder cell for Budget Code. See row 36 below.

Step 3: Expand the Column Definitions section.

Step 4: Fill in the appropriate cell in the column definitions section. In the example below, it’s row 7 column H. The formula should point to the Budget Code cell in the header. A good practice is to write the formula =IF(H36=””,””,H36). Account Rollup

Step 5: Choose a Budget Code that will be used for the column. In the example below, the budget code B16 is used. Account Rollup

Note: To see available Budget Codes, go to the COA Segment Lookup report from the Report lLibrary. Then choose the “InterjectSegment” tab, select the BudgetCode segment, and pull the data.