Interject Training

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There are many modules that Interject offers to help with managing money and other company resources. In this section, you will find the three core modules and the tools they offer to give better visibility and control over the resources under your jurisdiction.

Capital Module

The Capital Module is designed to handle Capital POs, and it provides tools for controllers to review Capital allocations across sites and available assets. The Capital Input Tool is the most prevalent report in this set. It is used to save new, and to update existing, Capital POs. Other tools available here are the Capital Change History Tool, which gives a historical view to all of the Capital Changes made, and the Capital Export Tool, which exports the POs from Capital into DMS, where they can be further managed.

Budget Module

This module is focused on giving controllers the tools and structure to save Budgets in a clean, efficient manner. The Local Budget Template is a report that sites can download and manage independantly, providing more control over how money is budgeted to accounts. Other notable tools in this module include the Budget Upload Tool, where controllers can dump budgeted accounts all together; the Budget Change Query Tool, which provides different views to how Budgets have changed over the budget season; and the Control Center, which controls who has access to save to Budgets and when the data will flow from the Budget Module into Interject.

Projections Module

The Projections Module gives controllers the tools needed to forecast the amounts they think will be need in upcoming months. The Local Projections Template is used to save initial projection forecasts, and it closely matches the Local Budget Template in design and function. Other Projections tools include the Projections Change Query Tool, which gives insight into how Projections have changed while open; and the Projections Upload Tool, which is identical to the Budget Upload Tool but used for Projections.