Capital Change Query - Review Date Summary

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Purpose: Pull in Capital amounts grouped by Asset group into the Review Date buckets.

Filter Options:

  • Budget Year - Optional. Blank defaults to next year. Needs to be in YYYY format
  • District - Optional. Blank gives the default view of all districts you have rights to. Works with individual districts, district ranges, and groupings
  • Currency - Optional. Blank defaults to your home district currency. Otherwise options are USD or CAD

Capital and the Control Center

Capital gets synced to Interject according to the Review Date buckets defined in the Control Center , as with Budget.

The screenshot above shows the Review Dates assigned to District 2041 and the Capital amounts in each bucket. This means that for the Buildings Asset, a total of 125,000 Capital changes have been saved before 07/01/2019 5:00 PM (the Corp Review Thru date).

The screenshot below shows the Review Dates assigned to 2041 in the Control Center . If the dates were to change here, it would also alter how the amounts get pulled into the Review Date Summary tab.