Summary Tab

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Purpose: This tab pulls in District Capital Summary totals by Period/Quarter. This is used to recon the Capital amounts saved from the Bud Capital Input tab.

Filter Options:

  • District - Optional. Blank defaults to all the districts you have rights too. Filter works with individual districts, district ranges, and groupings
  • Budget Year - Required. Needs to be in YYYY format
  • Currency - Optional. Blank defaults to your home currency

The information presented in this tab is broken up by District and includes the amount of Capital POs, their Capital amounts summed by month and quarterly, and the last user who updated Capital.


You can drill on any row to edit the Capital amounts belonging to that Districts or to view the detail in another report.

Drill to Detail opens up the Bud Capital Input tab in the same report.

Drill to CC Query for Change History opens the Capital Change Query report .