Bud Capital Input Tab

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Purpose: Save new Capital PO Items for a specific District, and pull in existing Capital PO information.

Filter Options:

  • District - Required. Individual District, no Groupings
  • Budget Year - Required. Needs to be in YYYY format

To Delete PO Items

To delete a PO Item, select Delete! from the Delete on Save drop-down in the column farthest to the left. The PO Item will be deleted on the Save.

Asset Information

All PO items require the following attributes: Asset Type, SubType, Life, A/R, N/U, and in some cases a Truck #. The drop-downs for the various columns are dependent on one another. For example, when you select an Asset Type, the Subtype dropdown will regenerate to the available options.

The A/R column stands for Add or Replace, and N/U stands for New or Used.

Things to Remember

  • If you change the Asset Type of an existing PO Item, be sure to change the SubType and other information correctly. Otherwise, validation on the Save will stop you and give a warning to update your PO Item options.
  • If the Asset Type is a Truck, you need to include a Truck Ctr. # with the PO Item. On the pull, the drop-down options will automatically provide all available Truck numbers.

Replacement Info

This hidden grouped section is for the Replacement Information. You will need to unhide this section if you selected R in the A/R column earlier. Specifically, the FAS # and Replacements Notes are required.

Do I have security rights to Save from this Input File?

To find if you can save to the Capital Input Tool, please check out the Tools Controlled by the Control Center page.


You can drill on any row to bring up more detailed information for the Capital amounts belonging to the PO Item in the Capital Change Query.

Drill to CC Query for Change History opens the Capital Change Query report .

Common Save Errors

The chosen SubType does not belong to the Asset Type selected. Please select a valid Subtype from the available drop-down list.

If the PO Item is a Replacement (R in A/R), both an FAS # and Replacement Note are required (in the hidden Replacement Info section)

If you pull for a District and Budget Year, you can only save Capital PO changes for that District/Budget Year. If you want to save to a new District/Budget Year, you need to pull for that combination first.

The Budget Year input requires a valid Year, format YYYY.

The District input requires a valid District, singular. Does NOT permit Groupings

Capital may not be unlocked yet for your District. Please contact WCN Support to confirm if this is the case.

The local version of the report has been been changed and will no longer save correctly. Get the newest version of the report from the library.

The PO Item row requires information in the associated column.

A PO # is needed for any non-deleted rows.

A PO Description is needed for any non-deleted rows.

The PO Description for all PO Items within a PO must be the same.

The PO # needs to be a valid number within that range.

The PO Item # needs to be a valid number within that range.

Items belonging to the same PO must be different numbers.

Please use only the options available in the Asset drop-down list.

The Life value is not correct for the Asset Type/Subtype combination. Please select a valid Life option from the available drop-down list.

The Truck # needs to be a valid, available Truck number found in the Truck Center. Please select a valid Truck # option from the available drop-down list.

The selected Truck # New/Used status does not match the N/U column. Either update the N/U column accordingly, or select a different valid Truck #.

A Truck # is restricted to one PO Item at a time.

A Truck # should not be assigned to a Chassis SubType.

A Truck # is required for the given Asset Type.

The supplied Model Year is not valid.

The Monthly Capital amounts need to be numeric and in whole dollars.

The PO you are trying to edit has already been exported. This PO cannot be edited in this tool. Please make any changes you want in Toolbox.