EBITDA Revenue Buckets Tab

Estimated reading time: 1 minute


Purpose: This new tab of the Budget Change Query tool displays total EBITDA and Revenue sums grouped by District and Review Date.

Filter Options:

  • Year - Required. Needs to be in YYYY format
  • District/Grouping - Optional. Blank defaults to all districts in your rights. Allows individual districts, district ranges, and groupings
  • Currency - Optional. Blank defaults to your home district currency. Other options are USD or CAD
  • Exclude IC - Required. Drop-down options are FALSE or TRUE. If set to TRUE, then InterCompany accounts are removed from the pull

The left side of the tab pulls in the Revenue amounts for the districts by Review Date Bucket, and the right side shows the EBITDA amounts. The section headers are simlar to the ones in the Review Date Summary tab.