Budget Change Query Tool Summary

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The Budget Change Query Tool provides different views of how budgets have changed over the budget season. The following are brief descriptions of each tab in the tool.

Report Location

Review Date Summary Tab

This tab provides a summarized view of the budget amounts across account groupings, each in their own Review Bucket timestamps.

Review Date Detail Tab

The ReviewDateDetail tab shows the budget amounts per account. Available filters allow the results to be restricted by Review Date Bucket and many other options.

EBITDA Change History Tab

This view displays the budget change impacts to Revenue and EBITDA.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab is a summarized view of the saved budgets for the account groupings, with many filter options.

Detail Tab

This tab of the tool provides a detail overview of budgets with several filtering options.

Unsynced Changes Tab

This new tab shows all budget changes that have not yet been synced to Interject, either because they are saved after Corp Cutoff or BOD. It is designed to look like the Budget Template

EBITDA Revenue Buckets Tab

This new tab displays total EBITDA and Revenue sums grouped by District and Review Date.